A new cloud computer designed to care for humankind’s information

Upthere is a new cloud computer that combines the creative power of our devices with the massive storage and compute power of the cloud. It enables us to store our entire digital lives—our photos, videos, music, and documents—in a single place that’s always accessible, growing, evolving, and ready to share.

Meet the first app for Upthere


Upthere Home

The window to everything you keep in Upthere

Available for Mac, iPhone, and Android


Upthere Home gives you access to all your photos, videos, music, and documents from anywhere. Each view is auto-organized and designed to best present your things.


Share anything with your friends and family. Any mix of files, no matter how many or how large. Everything is always shared in its full, original quality. Learn more.


Find that proverbial needle in a haystack with fast search. You can search photos by location; music by artist, album, or song name; or documents by name or type.

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Upthere is a cloud computer that redefines the notion of computing. See what else it can do, and learn more about how it works.

what is upthere?

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