About SanDisk Cloud

SanDisk Cloud is a smarter way to keep, find, and share all of your files. Instead of just storing your files on devices which can take up a lot of space, we safely and privately store your files directly in the cloud. SanDisk Cloud breaks through the capacity limits of your devices providing a unified place for all your files that you can access from any device. And, your first 20GB of storage is free!


SanDisk Cloud automatically categorizes and groups files together for easy browsing. When you want to find something specific, you can type or tap to find things by date, place, or type.


Everything you keep in SanDisk Cloud is private by default. Since it's already in the cloud, sharing is much easier. No text messages, no emails, or telegrams required. Simply select your items, choose some people, and SanDisk Cloud handles the rest. No data has to move around, so your friends see what you shared instantly.

Full quality

SanDisk Cloud maintains the full quality of every file. We don't compress your files. You've created your content in a certain way and we respect that. And SanDisk Cloud is fast. From the beginning, we wanted SanDisk Cloud to feel as fast as local storage so we could live out of it every day without compromise.

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